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60th Birthday Party

My mother

My mother always puts me one more spoonful of rice after I’ve said "that's enough".

My mother could make my bed even before I finished my shower.

My mother put in my closet, on a Sunday morning, the shirt I used the night before, already washed and ironed.

My mom makes deserts every week, but she always says it's "just for today".

My mother came into my new, empty house at 3:00 p.m. and left it fully furnished at 6:00 p.m.

My mother happily pasted me sometimes with her slippers (I deserved), and I didn’t get traumatized, I became educated.

My mother always spoiled me, but she did not raise a spoiled child.

My mother, in 30 years, never thought of her first, before thinking about her children and her husband.

My mother, even on vacation or retired, can get up before me 99% of the time.

My mother is 60 years old, but she has an energy every day that I’ll probably never have.

My mother only has two speed levels: fast and very fast.

My mother can always bargain for something even when the price is already obscenely low.

My mother knows in which supermarket we can get the cheapest broccoli, orange or sweet potato, every single week.

My mother made me be upset with those who, today, leave my kitchen balcony wet, or with those who doesn’t separate the trash, or even when they put the dishes elsewhere instead of putting them where my mother decided they should always be.

My mother taught her children the only way she could: by example.

My mother always has the best answer for everything, even when she does not know ... even when it comes to food ... and even when she has a son nutritionist.

My mother has the greatest quality and, at the same time, the greatest flaw: she loves too much.

My mother always told me “Praise the child, and you make love to the mother", and even unintentionally she proves it to me every day.

My mother is a super woman because she is also the daughter of another super woman.

For all this, my mother is part of a limited edition of women that the 21st century no longer produces.

I’m proud of being her son, I hope she feels the same way for me. 🙂

Pedro Carvalho,
21st April 2017


Creative Direction, Planning and Organization: Romã Eventos
Photography: MadeByPedro
Flowers: Botão de Rosa
Cake design: Daniela Luz
Venue: Arquinho do Castelo