Discover what makes Romã Eventos invitations and souvenirs so special


First of all, let me thank you for being on that side and giving me the opportunity to show you a little more about Romã Eventos.

In recent weeks I have been unveiling some of our secrets, those that make our events so special.

Therefore, today I decided to tell you about two of the most important details at an event: the invitations and other printed materials and souvenirs.

Our invitations and graphic elements are designed with a special purpose: to create a visual link between the Vineyard aesthetic and the symbolism of the pomegranate. And how do we do that? Well, we created illustrations of intertwined pomegranates and vines, which appear from subtle shape in small details in high or low relief.

But our desire to do things differently goes far beyond invitations. We want surprise your guests in a special way. So we create memories.

They are also associated with pomegranates. Homemade jams, handmade aromatic soaps pomegranate or even small bottles of pomegranate juice. We want each souvenir to be a  way of thanking all guests for participating and, at the same time , leave a feeling of “I want more”.

All our work is developed with the aim of offering our customers a unique and, above all, memorable event. And here, the small details make all the difference. 

A unique touch of magic, love, beauty and authenticity. What could be better?

Stay on that side  and keep up with the news from Romã Eventos. And if you need us we are here to make your events even special!

I wish you a happy day, full of good energy!

See you soon,


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