Vineyard event design

Vineyard event design


We believe that love is the true awakener of all the senses and that these are the intentions that last, those that come from the heart. We work for Love and with Love to provide the best to others by giving the best of ourselves. We believe that only happy moments and unforgettable memories can be born from here. The best ingredients are brought together –
let us celebrate the authenticity of each one.

At Romã Eventos we work with our own concept that is based on a Vineyard aesthetic.

We pay special attention to details, such as lighting, the comfort of the chosen furniture and
the chosen colors.

We are passionate about an absolutely magical and welcoming atmosphere.

In addition to our work, we are passionate about communication and trends.
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With a sweet heart and an easy tear, we found Ruth. Always driven by emotions, she is an
expert at surprising everyone with her details and treats. A graphic designer by profession and with extensive experience in coordinating projects and events in the area, she is an
enthusiastic defender of beauty and harmony. She loves working in a team and is grateful for the happiness of doing it with the best, many of whom are now friends. Designers, architects, photographers, videographers, among others, come together in this house. All storytellers, all with the same desire: to make dreams come true.

Be welcome. This is also your home.

Portugal, located on the western edge of Europe, is a land of natural beauty, historical allure, and vibrant culture. From the terraced vineyards of the Douro Valley to the sun-kissed beaches of the Algarve, Portugal’s diverse landscapes provide the perfect backdrop for weddings, corporate retreats, and cultural festivals. With its varied terrain, Portugal offers endless […]

At Romã Eventos we are constantly looking for new ways to make our events exclusive and memorable for customers.
At Romã Eventos, we take tasting very seriously. Therefore, we offer your guests a very special menu.
Discover what makes Romã Eventos invitations and souvenirs so special
When we have the possibility of organizing a Destination Wedding we feel that the best ingredients will come together: the magnificent location; the good weather; the good food; the sense of presence of family and friends.
At Romã Eventos, every detail is an essential part in building a unique, welcoming, magical and unforgettable environment.