Romã Eventos is an events agency, specialized in the vineyard concept, which aims to create pleasure, happiness and transformation in the experience of creating an
event. This purpose is achieved by saving time and money, as well as removing concerns from the client and transmitting serenity and confidence in the process.
We work for private clients and professionals who need to transform an
event into a high quality experience for all participants, without loosing
time, optimizing resources and making the entire process fluid, predictable and reliable.

We offer design and conception, organization and preparation, management and
monitoring private and corporate events.
Romã Eventos has the experience of organizing hundreds of events throughout almost a decade, having developed a vast network of reliable and quality partners,
starting from a multidisciplinary team with proven competence in project management and creative direction.

Our base team includes Rute Carvalho, founder and creative director, and Daniela
Luz, events manager.


and that’s why we work to provide positive and transformative experiences, where our customers can live and enjoy an event not only on the day itself but throughout the process, with confidence, pleasure and self-discovery.

Rute Carvalho

Rute Carvalho has a degree in design and communication, and is passionate about typography.

After completing a postgraduate degree in Barcelona, ​​she ended up settling in that city for four years, where he collaborated with communication agencies until 2007, when she received an invitation from ESAD Matosinhos to join the team at the Project and Communication Department.

In 2013, wanting to deepen her knowledge in the areas of management and production, she took a Management and Production degree in the School od Performing Arts and Dance Forum. In 2014 she completed her Master's thesis in Design and Communication – “Visual Essay on Rua Brito Capelo”.
For more than 10 years, she was responsible for the project management and production in numerous projects, in collaboration with various institutions and companies.

The Romã Eventos project was born in 2017, with the purpose of providing unique moments and experiences that create unforgettable memories.
Rute believes that the world can be a better place if people are happier and that is why she works to provide positive and transformative experiences, where her clients are able to live and enjoy an event not only on the day itself but throughout the entire process, with confidence, pleasure and self-discovery.
The passion and experience for design and innovation guarantees that the events she manages are extraordinary experiences, rich in style and refinement.

Daniela Luz

Daniela Luz has been curious for as long as she can remember, from a sociological perspective of understanding human relationships and communities in all their aspects and rituals.

She has training and experience in the field of product photography, but life took her on a process of self-discovery and self-knowledge, in search of her lifelong passion: people.

Her interest in travel, in different scenarios, in different cultures, as well as her ability to adapt and solve problems ended up leading her to producing events in a natural way.

By joining the Romã Eventos team, she rediscovered her passion for the incessant search for beauty, for valuing human relationships and for the search for perfection in nature.
All clients accompanied by Daniela are unanimous in highlighting her kindness and calmness, which gives them confidence and good energy throughout the process.