Are you going to create an event and don't know how to choose the location?

Nice to meet you, I’m Rute da Romã Eventos, an events agency with ten years of experience in developing and organizing unforgettable events, we are specialists in vineyard aesthetics.
The choice of location largely depends on the goals and personality of the hosts. We have already held events all over the country, but we will not hide the fact that ee have a passion for Porto, especially the Douro.
The Alto Douro wine region is the first demarcated wine region regulated in the world, being considered world heritage by Unesco. 
Its landscapes and wines are world famous, but they are not the only reason to be an option to take into consideration.


The Douro River is beautiful for the way it runs through the mountains that make up the landscape of the region. There are countless activities to enjoy the river, from boat trips to boat cruises, to more extreme activities such as water skiing and wakesurfing, among others.


Your guests will be able to taste one of the best wines in the world, directly from the production site and can also experience  it`s artisanal production, in several places that offer this experience.


The gastronomy of this region, typically Portuguese, stands out for its diversity of products and strong flavors of the dishes. Anyone who tastes it is captivated by its flavors.
Some examples are meat balls filled with sausages, rich red bean soup, corn with spare ribs, oven-roasted goat or rabbit and biscuit from Teixeira.


A region like the Douro has a long history. Currently, the Douro has a wide variety  of exhibitions and cultural spaces, as well as shows and natural parks.


It is nothing new that the Portuguese people are recognized for their hospitality. Douro is no different.


The Vineyard aesthetic is beautiful and fashionable. Events that have this aesthetic as a base, Whether or not they are in the Douro, they are elegant and cozy events that everyone loves. As for us, we are the right team to help you plan your event, whether inDouro or elsewhere.
In our portfolio you will find some great examples of events in the Douro and/or Vineyard aesthetics to inspire you for your event.
Here on the website you will find a contact form, talk to us and ask for more information.

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